The Best Time to Visit Madrid – Winter

Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe (2,178ft/664m), which means crisp, cold weather in winter. The sky is usually still startlingly blue, however, and you can sit at a pavement café in the bright sunshine in the afternoon after visiting the Prado.


Drinks and Tapas in Spain

Jackson Cannon, the Boston mixologist behind the Hawthorne, Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar, travels the globe to procure spirits at their source.

Myths & Truths of Cuba

As an American visiting for the first time, I went to see what could be so fascinating about this place we have been forbidden to go? How could it be any different then any other emerging destination I have been to? Would the Cubans feel unhappy with our arrival? Are all of the cars on…

Top 4 Day Trips from Rome

Visiting Rome? Looking for some day trip ideas? Here are four great excursions to consider on your Roman getaway. 1. Umbria Two hours from Rome, the everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that will never fail to amaze. This region comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains and…

Italy for First-Timers

When you hear the word Italy, many things may come to your mind – art, food, wine, ancient ruins, museums, picturesque countrysides, gondolas, just to name a few.  It is a trip everyone should experience, and there is so much to do and see, you can go back again and again for a new and…