Myths & Truths of Cuba

As an American visiting for the first time, I went to see what could be so fascinating about this place we have been forbidden to go? How could it be any different then any other emerging destination I have been to? Would the Cubans feel unhappy with our arrival? Are all of the cars on the island old and beautiful? IS the food as bad as I had heard?

1.Myth– Cuba is like any other Caribbean island

Truth– Cuba is so rich in culture, natural beauty,history, art, music, and fascinating people to meet it is nothing like any other island I have visited. Havana is full of possibilities even thru some of the decaying structures. It was easy to see why so many talk about the glamor of its past.

2.Myth– Cubans don’t like Americans

Truth– If they don’t they could have fooled me. We were welcome everywhere and treated with respect

3.Myth– Art was suppressed by the communist government

Truth– The arts have flourished. The National Art School of Cuba, a product of the revolution is a very prestigious school. Cuba has a world renown Ballet and National Ballet school. Music is part of the culture.

4.Myth– All old cars are vintage US in pristine condition

Truth– There are pristine vintage cars but there are more not so pristine that the Cubans use for local taxis. Locals will share the ride. The pristine cars are used as limos for the tourist There are some new cars in the mix if you can afford the import tax

5.Myth– Toilets are free

Truth– Take change, there will be someone asking for it

6.Myth– Military personal walk the streets of Havana

Truth– We did not see one soldier

7. Myth– Food is not good.

Truth– With so many new private restaurants opening,  you need to have a great local guide that is keeping up with all of it. We had fabulous sushi at a place about 30 min. outside of Havana. No menu, just the fresh fish of the day was offered. You will not find these places on trip advisor, you need to know a local.

8. Myth– Lamb in Cuba

Truth– Look around! There is not one lamb in Cuba but they are on many menus. Hope you like goat


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